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Spring Clinic sponsored by the South Dakota Horse Council.
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We welcome new people and equine organizations to our membership. Annual dues are $10/person or $50/50 members for groups. Paid memberships receive a discount to their annual Today's Horse Magazine subscription. SD Horse Council breed and organization members can also receive a free breed booth display for their club at our annual SD Horse Fair. Print membership forms at the link above and mail with dues to SD Horse Council, PO Box 983, Brookings, SD 57006.

2015 Spring Clinic
On April 18, SD Horse Council will sponsor a harness clinic at the Swiftel Holding Barn in Brookings. Clinician Larry Insley, will cover fitting harness, harnessing, hooking to vehicle and driving. The clinic will apply to all breeds of horses from minis to draft horses. The Clinic will begin at 10:00 a.m. The cost to attend the clinic will be $30 per adult; $15 per youth ages 5 through 17, with a catered lunch included.

Dr. Insley is a former professor at SDSU in the Department of Animal Science who now owns a ranch at Creighton, SD. While at SDSU, he was involved with the horse production, horsemanship and horse driving classes. Dr. Insley was recognized by the SD Horse Council as Horseperson of the Year in 2012. Mike Olson and Brandon Kinney are chairing this event. There will be a vendor section and tack sale as well with Janice Cronin in charge,

Member organizations will be invited to display their membership banners provided their 2015 dues are paid. There will be a nominal charge of $20 to do this. In addition each organization and individual with 2015 dues paid will be invited to link their website with the SD Horse Council website at no charge.

This clinic is an excellent opportunity for youth and adults alike to learn more about harnessing and driving horses.

The SD Horse Council has donated a sponsorship of $250 to the Little International Exhibition at SDSU March 27 and 28. Brandon Kinney will also serve as the horse judge.

In addition, the South Dakota Horse Council has donated a sponsorship of $250 to the State 4-H Horse Show held in Huron in July.

Horseperson of the Year – We need nominations for the 2015 Horseperson of the year. This person will be recognized during the Little International Horse Show at SDSU. Horseperson of the Year Nomination form is to be used to nominate a person who has made a significant contribution to the horse industry in South Dakota. Nomination forms must reach Gene Carr by March 1. Mr. Carr’s address is P. O. Box 25, Hayti, SD 57241.

South Dakota Horse Council Scholarship Started at SDSU
Your support is requested...

The South Dakota Horse Council has begun an installment endowment with the South Dakota State University Foundation to benefit equine students in the SDSU Animal Science Department, and the NCAA equestrian team in the SDSU Athletic Department.

In 2012 an initial contribution of $10,000 was given to SDSU to be grown to a full scholarship endowment of $20,000. In 2013 another payment of $10,000 was made fully funding one scholarship bringing the total amount to $20,000. The scholarship awarded will be divided 50/50 for each of the following scholarships:

1-South Dakota Horse Council, Inc. - Scholarship in the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences.

2-South Dakota Horse Council, Inc. - Scholarship for NCAA Equestrian team in Athletics.

Both scholarships require a student to have a 3.0 GPA and preference will be given to a South Dakota native and those who have helped with SD Horse Council Activities, including their helpful efforts at the SD Horse Fair. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Animal Science Department and Athletics Department representatives.

It has always been the goal of the SD Horse Council to support educational opportunities for our youth.

Your check is greatly appreciated. This donation goes DIRECTLY to the SDSU Scholarship Fund! We welcome your contribution this weekend, or...

Please mail your support to:
SD Horse Council, Inc.-“SDSU SCHOLARSHIP”
P. O. Box 983
Brookings, SD 57006

2014 Spring Horse Clinic
An educational spring clinic will be held April 5 at the Animal Science Arena, SDSU, Brookings, SD. More information will be posted

2014 SD Horseperson of the Year
Remember to nominate horsepersons for the SD Horseperson of the Year Award. Details regarding the award presentation will be posted soon.

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