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Spring Clinic sponsored by the South Dakota Horse Council.
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Horse Council Hosted Driving Clinic!
Dakota Thunder Six
On April 18th the SD Horse Council sponsored a Harness Clinic at the Swiftel holding barn in Brookings, SD with Mr. Joe Biren, Iona, MN as the clinician. We had 141 attendees from Nebraska to North Dakota and from Fort Pierre to Marshall, MN.

Joe went over harness parts, fitting harness and harnessing a horse. We had ponies both single and team, standard bred buggy horse, quarter horse team and belgians both single and team. The horse were hitched to a vehicle and driven. Horses were supplied by Mark and Janice Cronin, Elkton, SD, Tim Sullivan, DeSmet, SD, Russ and Lori Rogness, Astoria, SD , Brandon Kinney, Sioux Falls, SD and Mike and Kris Olson, White, SD. Thank you to these people for supplying the horses.

There were a lot of good questions asked. It was also asked about if we should have another clinic and it was big yes and also if they would be interested in a small clinic having 10 -15 participate with individual help and also a yes. So the SD Horse Council will be looking at these two clinics in the future.

The SD Horse Council would like to thank everyone attending and helping with the Harness Clinic. We would like to also thank the venders Sharon Hamre, Big Sioux Saddlery, Baltic, SD, Clayton Theobald, Buggies, Wagons & Wheels, Brookings, SD and Agri-Tech – Hubbard feeds, Brookings, SD and also all those that donated door prizes. And also thanks to the Swiftel Center for all their help. It was a big success.

Driving instruction.Driving instruction.

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The South Dakota Horse Council, Inc. is organized strictly as a non-profit corporation without pecuniary gain or benefit to its members or to any private individual and:
  • Organized to further the common interests of the horsepersons of South Dakota
  • To serve as means of communication within the industry where unity and strength are needed.
  • To monitor legislation and administrative decisions which would have an impact on horses or horsepersons.
  • To promote interest in horse related activities.
President: Gene Carr, Box 25, Hayti, SD, 605-783-3832
Vice President: Doug Nickel, Canistota, SD, 605-370-1607
Secretary: Jo Waldner, Box 272, Brookings, SD
Treasure: Walter Schafer, Winfred, SD
Directors elected to serve through 2014:
Gene Carr
Jo Waldner
Janice Cronin
Richard Waldner

Directors elected to serve through 2015:
Doug Nickel
Walter Schafer
Mike Olson
Troy Gies

Directors elected to serve through 2016:
Diane Nickel
Brandon Kinney
Machelle Bonde

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